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Welcome to our website!

This website is designed to provide up to date information in the area of Assessment and Evaluation for Regina Public Schools.  We hope that this becomes a valuable source of information and news about any of the assesments we do in Regina Public. If you have any comments, suggestions or questions please feel free to contact us.

New! Draft Math Curriculum Support Documents for K, Gr. 4, and Gr.7 (includes rubrics for assessing math outcomes)

Kindergarten Teachers Survey



Elementary Electronic Report Card

NOTE:  the current version of the report card application has a text box alignment issue in the kindergarten report.  The update is now available.  Click on the link below to downlaod the updated version.

Note: Version 2011 of the Elementary Electronic Report Card [eRP] is available for download. This version combines the entry areas for Language Arts, Math and Other into one screen, now inlcudes a Pre-K and FIAP version, eliminates the date/number bug in all comment fields and includes content updates in some mark areas.

Please remove all other versions of the eRP program from your computer before downloading and using this version for the first time.

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